Chiropractic Adjustment

When a patient decides to seek chiropractic treatment, the main part of that treatment will be a chiropractic adjustment. Over the course of the patient’s treatment plan, the chiropractor will change the adjustments as the body improves. There are certain factors that a chiropractor focuses on when coming up with and implementing a treatment plan. The following is a brief overview of those factors. For more details on how chiropractic treatments can help you, call a clinic today.

1. There is a different intention for chiropractic treatments than the intention in traditional medical treatment. The intent of a chiropractor is not to reduce pain or treat a disease. The intent of chiropractic treatment is to help bring back the spine’s ability to function the way it was meant to function. As the spine function improves, your body no longer expresses symptoms, like pain. Traditional medicine often only treats symptoms – like giving the patient painkillers to mask pain – rather than find noninvasive ways to eliminate the patient’s condition that causes the pain.

2. There is a wide array of chiropractic adjustment techniques that a chiropractor can use to achieve the best results for the patient. A chiropractor will develop individual treatment plans for each patient. No one treatment plan is like any other treatment plan. Instead, each plan is developed based on the patient’s age, size, spinal pattern, and the progress they are making throughout the course of treatment.

3. A chiropractor compares the patient’s spinal issue with what an optimal spine’s function and structure should look like. That comparison is used to determine how much energy should be used and what direction this energy should be applied when the chiropractor performs maneuvers on the patient’s spine.  

4. A chiropractor knows that just because a patient’s pain may be in their lower back, that doesn’t mean that is where the issue in the spine is. Pain is often a symptom of a symptom and a chiropractor’s training and experience enables them or her to locate the specific issue that is causing the actual problem.

5. Each patient’s treatment plan is developed to coincide with their muscle tone and respiration cycle, timing adjustments to coincide with their hunger patterns, sleep patterns, and release of neuropeptides and hormones. Treatment plans are also developed so the patient can obtain the best results in the shortest amount of time. A chiropractor knows that if treatment sessions are scheduled too close together, the body may not be done processing from the prior adjustment.

6. The timeline for chiropractic treatment is different for each patient. Some patients show improvement right away. Some patients have a slow and steady improvement over the course of treatment. And some patients have a temporary worsening of symptoms and then begin improvement.

If you are suffering from pain or other symptoms and are considering chiropractic treatments, call a chiropractor in Dundalk, MD today.

Thanks to Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic for their insight into chiropractic care and adjustments.