Chiropractic FAQs

Common Chiropractic Questions

For some people, going to the chiropractor’s office is a foreign concept. Perhaps you don’t know what to expect at an appointment or even how to go about finding a chiropractor and scheduling a visit. These are common questions, and there are many others that people have. The more you understand about what happens, the more comfortable you can feel with your decision and have a positive experience.

What Is an Adjustment?

An adjustment is the most common treatment you will receive during a chiropractic visit. This refers to the method the doctor uses to manipulate your spine and realign it properly. He or she will do this by having you lie down on a table, usually face-down. The chiropractor then uses his or her hands or a tool to apply sudden, controlled force to move the spine into place. Doing this can relieve tension and stress in the joints and help the body heal itself.

How Many Adjustments Do I Need?

The length of a patient’s treatment will vary considerably depending on his or her needs. The treatment may be indefinite and require the person to come into the office four or five days a week. Other people make weekly visits for a few months. The severity of your condition and how well you improve will impact how many adjustments you have over time.

Are There Age Restrictions?

While some people may associate back and joint pain with older patients, anyone can benefit from chiropractic work. Even teens, children and babies can get adjustments. The doctor will customize their treatment plan to fit the person’s needs. For younger and elderly patients, the chiropractor will not use as much force to move the spine. Pregnant women can also get adjustments to relieve the pressure they feel in their hips and pelvis.

Do I Need a Referral to Come?

Ordinarily, you would not need a referral from a primary care physician or other doctors to see a chiropractor. The only exception would be if your insurance plan required referrals to visit specialists or other providers. Most plans will cover chiropractic care up to a specific number of appointments in a calendar year. Make sure you check with the insurance company before you start coming for treatment.

Review these questions so you can be aware of what will happen when you start coming to the chiropractor’s office. Regardless of your age, you can benefit from getting an adjustment for many ailments.