Guideline on Preparing for a Live-In Caregiver

If you are among the families preparing for a live-in home healthcare aide, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The process of aging is not an easy one, and getting your loved one’s home ready for a near stranger can add extra uncertainty!

Luckily, if you are unsure of how to get ready for your loved one’s new arrangement, here is a brief guideline on preparing for a live-in caregiver. 

Be Clear, Direct, and Honest

Before the new caregiver moves in, make certain to start with a clear delineation of expectations. As with all long term relationships, it’s best to start with a solid foundation of honesty and open communication. Be up front with your needs, expectations, and any potential qualms.

Have a list of what you expect from the live-in caregiver and have them prepare what they expect of you. Are there any ‘house rules’ that you and your loved one would like them to abide by? Do they have any “work rules” that are non-negotiable for them?

Work together to establish healthy boundaries within each other’s parameters. Remember, this work may seem redundant, but talking now will save you miscommunication in the future.

Ease Into Live-In Care

If your aging loved one has trepidation about a caregiver moving in, you can always plan to start incrementally. Schedule a few days for the live-in aide to be there for short bouts of time. These will be small sessions, such as a bath visit, medication management, or just a stroll outside.

The goal of these visits is to allow your loved one to establish a rapport with the live-in home healthcare aide. This way, you can create a “test run” for the more long term arrangement to come.

Make Room for Your Caregiver

One of the best ways to prepare for a live-in caregiver is to create a cozy space for them to stay. This space should have a comfortable mattress, clean linens, and some shelf space for personal effects. 

Your goal is to make a space that they feel comfortable occupying. Take into account their needs  and what they might like. Clear a space in the bathroom for their toiletries, and organize the fridge to give them a place for their food.

Having a space that is designated just for them is a great way to make them feel welcome and more at ease in the arrangement!