How Can You Treat Back Pain? 

Back pain can affect your entire life. Not only does having chronic pain hurt your body, but it can also take a toll on you emotionally. This will be able to get everything under control before your pain gets worse. 

Manual Manipulation and Massage 

One technique a chiropractor will use to help ease your pain will be manual manipulation. This is something you likely will think of when you hear the word “chiropractor.” It can involve manipulating the spine or other bones and joints to make them straighter and function better together. You may hear a cracking sound or pops while this is done, but it is not harmful. 

You may also get some massage done while at your appointment. This may involve working on trigger points to try to make them loosen up, as well as making muscles easier to strengthen by taking some of the tightness out. Tight muscles can cause a person to overcompensate elsewhere, causing pain in an area. 

Stretching and Exercises

Both stretching and doing gentle workouts can be incredibly beneficial for those suffering from back pain. Typically, a chiropractor will do the manual manipulation before going to stretches. Then, they may finish with some light weights or other exercises. Stretching makes muscles and joints more limber and enables a person to move around much easier. It also allows for increased mobility during workouts. 

Strengthening is incredibly important because it allows a person to take extra weight off of hurting muscles. By strengthening the areas around the back, you can take some of the weight and pain away from that area. You may even do exercises that directly strengthen your back. This is in hopes that some of the underlying issues will be targeted and fixed. 

Nutritional Consultation

Finally, a back pain doctor like one at AmeriWell Clinics may speak with you about your diet and exercise routine. He or she can go over some of the supplements that may be beneficial to add to your diet, as well as what foods are nutrient-rich in things that you can use to aid in the healing process. Some chiropractors will go in great detail with this, while others may just provide “homework” for you to do. Make sure that you are always diligent about following this, as it will make a big difference in how much and quickly you heal. 

Contact a Chiropractor Today

Feel free to reach out to a chiropractor near you to set up a consultation. You can ask any questions you may have, and even potentially get started with your treatment the very same day. Do not wait. You will be glad you decided to seek treatment when you see all of the benefits that chiropractic care has to offer. Give an office a call today so that you can begin treating your back pain right away.