How Often Should a Couple Attend Couples Therapy?

Whether there’s a scheduling conflict or someone just wants to know what to expect, many couples ask the same thing when they begin couples therapy: “How often should we attend?” It’s different for each couple and their unique issues, though many therapists recommend every week for the first month or two. After that time, the situation can be re-evaluated to determine the frequency from that point on. The following are a few reasons to consider this type of schedule.

Riding on the Motivation

For many couples, there’s a lot of motivation in the beginning. By going to see a therapist every week, that motivation can keep the couple going. This allows the therapist to help the couple create a strong foundation on which they can build in the following weeks and months. By attending weekly, that motivation can be strengthened as the couple notices small positive changes in a shorter period of time.

Staying Updated

A lot can happen in just one week, so staying in touch with the therapist more often can help him or her stay updated on what is going on in your lives. If you go too long between sessions, the time you do spend together can get wasted on reviewing what has happened since the last session.

Being Held Accountable

Unfortunately, many couples are in therapy because they don’t value the accountability they have with one another. While that will be built over time, the therapist is where each partner will feel accountable for the first little while. When the therapist gives an assignment, the couple needs to be held accountable in order for things to start moving forward. Knowing they have to answer to the therapist each week could help the couple stay focused.

Finding the Root of the Matter

Sometimes it’s easier to get to the root of the matter if you can string issues together in shorter periods of time. For example, if you discuss an issue one week and learn how to deal with it, but you are unable to take the next step without your therapist’s assistance, it’s more effective to know you have another session in just a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks. This can also help the therapist understand the real reasons you’re facing the issues you are, which leads to greater improvement for you as a couple.

Getting Started With a Phone Call

The best way to determine how often you should attend couples therapy is by speaking with a therapist. Contact a couples counselor, like a couples therapist in Palatine, IL, today with any questions or to schedule your first session.

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