Referral Requirements to See a Chiropractor

Referrals for Chiropractors

Usually, choosing your chiropractor should not require any sort of referral from an MD or your primary physician. Therefore, you should have some freedom over choosing a practitioner you are comfortable with and who is familiar and experienced working with your particular health goals. Common reasons people seek this type of care include back pain, chronic pain in the neck or joints, sports injuries, sciatica, and herniated discs.

Insurance Plan

Your health insurance can affect your options when choosing a chiropractor. Some insurance plans might have referral requirements, but many are open-ended. All 50 states recognize these types of doctors as primary care providers, so it should be a rare situation where you need a referral. Many training programs teach chiropractors to diagnose and provide referrals to other health care providers when special care, such as surgery, is required. 

Speak with your human resources office at your place of employment or call your insurance provider directly to find out what the terms are for utilizing chiropractic care. If your insurance plan does not cover this type of treatment or includes a steep copayment or unfavorable terms, some doctors may be willing to work with you, such as by paying with cash.

Most insurance companies do cover chiropractic treatment. This includes large programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, federal employee insurance plans, and workers’ compensation. This type of care is also available for active-duty members of the military and veterans.

It is important to note that seeking a chiropractor to ensure long-term and permanent improvement in your health usually requires more than one session. At your first appointment, he or she will discuss your ailments and what you can expect moving forward such as appointment frequency and duration. If your treatments go well, and you work on various at-home stretches and exercises the doctor might suggest for improving your condition, the frequency of your visits should decrease to an occasional maintenance visit.

Private Practice and Hospitals

While many chiropractors work in their own office or share a practice with other specialists, some work directly in hospitals. Your chiropractor may also use medical outpatient facilities to complete testing such as x-rays and lab work, when necessary.

The Right Chiropractor

Deciding to see a chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Glen Burnie, MD,  for the first time can be exciting if you have chronic pain or other ailments that chiropractors are known to heal or improve over time. If you have questions or are unsure about whether your health insurance will cover your desired treatment in a chiropractic program, consult a practitioner near you and see what your best options are.

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