Returning to a Physical Therapist: Can it Help?

Do you have a recurring injury that you can’t seem to get rid of? Back, joint, muscle and tendon injuries are common complaints of those who have recurring injuries, as a physical therapist in Takoma Park, MD, like from AmeriWell Clinics, can explain. You may have injured yourself years ago, but you still can’t quite escape it. Maybe you had physical therapy in the past, thought you recovered, only to find out it’s back again.

Does it help to return to physical therapy?

Physical Therapists Seek Solutions to the Source of the Problem

Just because your injury came back does not mean that the physical therapy did not help to begin with. When you return to physical therapy, your therapist may assess your injury again to find out why the injury won’t heal and to set up another round of treatment. Sometimes, scar tissue builds up and affects flexibility. You may have stopped your physical therapy too soon.

When you return to physical therapy, your therapist can assess your circumstances to figure out what solution works best for you. Sometimes, if you have an injury, you will favor a different muscle group, strengthen those muscles and weaken others. Physical therapists make sure that you move again, to strengthen those muscles.

Physical Therapists Can Help You Avoid Surgery

If your injury did not heal permanently, you may worry that you’ll need to succumb to surgery. This isn’t the case. If you’ve had an injury for months or years, physical therapy can still help. Some common ailments, such as minor knee issues or other tears benefit more from physical therapy than they do from surgery.

Physical Therapists Can Provide Pain Relief

The final straw for most patients with injuries is pain. They go to the doctor, unable to find anything that helps them and they have to resort to pain medication. While pain medication can help to limit pain, it can also be dangerous or addictive in large amounts or with stronger doses. Physical therapy is an alternative to pain medication. Stretching can help to relieve pain.

If you sought out a physical therapist in the past, but your injury has since resurfaced, you can still return to a physical therapist. He or she will be more than happy to reassess your situation and find a treatment plan that may work better than your previous one. Returning to physical therapy can be a beneficial experience. To find out if you would benefit from PT, consult with a physical therapist as soon as possible.