Addiction and Chiropractic Care: What You Need to Know

If you are familiar with chiropractic care, you may have heard that chiropractic care can be addictive. Whenever a person hears that any treatment might have the risk of addiction, it usually results in fear or hesitance. The truth is that most people choose chiropractic care to avoid addiction.

If you have never been to the chiropractor, it makes sense that you might have some reservations. If you’re worried about addiction, it helps to understand what addiction is before you make any claims towards chiropractic care and addiction.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is complex. It affects your brain, your body and can damage your personal and professional life. When you have an addiction, you may experience a loss of control and an inability to quit. Often, continued use of an addicted substance or continued experience with an addictive behavior can lead to difficulties quitting. You may even experience withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction is often associated with drug use, cosmetic surgeries and other behaviors that can lead to harmful results. Medical care can be addictive. This does not necessarily mean that all medical care is addictive, however.

What Addiction Isn’t

You may hear stories of people who say that they are addicted to chiropractic care. In many cases, this simply means that chiropractic care is a major part of their life that they can’t foresee giving up. If it is a treatment that works to manage your pain, then there is no harm in continuing your care. If you take part in something regularly but do not engage in harmful behaviors, then it may not be an addiction.

Is Chiropractic Care Addictive?

Most people choose chiropractic care to avoid the prescription painkillers that can lead to addiction. The truth behind chiropractic care is that there is no evidence for it being addictive. People may frequent the chiropractor’s office because the adjustments help them to manage their pain. It makes sense that someone would want to be able to move freely and the treatments can provide that for most patients.

There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic care. A lot of these misconceptions can make people hesitant to go into the chiropractor’s office. Instead of fearing the chiropractor, it can help to have all the information. Chiropractic adjustments are completely natural and safe. 

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