Asbestos Contractor

Many people turn to an Asbestos Contractor to find asbestos in their home. Asbestos is a silicate material that is found naturally in our environment. Prior to the 1980s, asbestos was considered a miracle mineral because of its strong resistance to heat. Unfortunately, overtime we started to see the negative effects of being exposed to asbestos. Conditions such as asbestosis (pulmonary disease), clubbed fingers, benign pleural disease, and certain cancers were being diagnosed in people who all had one thing in common: they had been exposed to asbestos fibers.

From the 1980s and beyond, the use of asbestos has been greatly reduced, however, it is still not illegal in the United States. Those who are concerned that asbestos may be in their household are encouraged to contact an Asbestos Contractor right away for a free home evaluation. Here are five areas that are more likely to have asbestos-containing materials: 

#1 Cement Water Tanks

The prevalence of asbestos in water talks for older homes is around 5-10%. So, if your home has a cement tank, you may want to consider getting it tested for asbestos. If the water tank is damaged, an Asbestos Contractor can give you information on how to have it replaced. 

#2 Cement Sheets

In older houses, cement sheets are at an increased likelihood for containing asbestos minerals. The areas around these sheets may also have asbestos, including cover traps, vent covers, and light bases. 

#3 Corrugated Roofing

Rooting that was sold between the 1920s and 1970 consisted of asbestos minerals. Specifically, these cement roof shingles contained Chrysotile, which is otherwise known as “white asbestos”. An Asbestos Contractor is happy to provide you with a home evaluation so you can feel empowered to know where asbestos is, and then relief in that you have an experienced worker to safely remove it from inside and outside your home. 

#4 Vinyl Flooring/Sheeting

If your vinyl floors were installed around 1952-1986, then chances are it contains millboard or paper with asbestos. If your vinyl flooring tiles have been broken or you are considering doing a home improvement project, we strongly advise speaking with an Asbestos Contractor right away for help. 

#5 Home Built Prior to 1980

In general, homes that were built before the 1980s have a high asbestos content. The asbestos mineral was often used in insulation around fireplaces, pipes, boilers, sheeting, and ducts. Additionally, asbestos was used in pipe cement, roof shingles, floor tiles, siding, and ceiling tiles.

Contact an Asbestos Contractor Today

Do not put yourself and your loved ones at risk for harm due to asbestos exposure. If you are not sure whether asbestos is present in your home, all it takes is an easy home evaluation from an asbestos contractor to do a review of the property. If you are interested in ensuring that your family is safe from asbestos in your home, then call an asbestos contractor in Los Angeles, CA today for more information. 

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into asbestos removal and areas in your home that are more likely to contain asbestos.