Back Pain

Back pain comes in all different shapes and sizes, from occasional twinges to nagging aches to chronic pain. The pain can be throbbing and dull, like a toothache, or it can come on suddenly with stabbing force. No matter what type of back pain a patient has, it can cause some type of interference with daily life. The question becomes knowing when it’s time to seek out professional help before the issue becomes a serious one.

Some back pain is the result of overdoing it, such as gardening, and will ease after a couple of days. However, pain can also indicate there is an injury or medical condition that requires treatment from a professional. The following are signs that back pain you’re suffering falls into that category and you should seek out help. If you would like to find out how chiropractic treatments may be able to help, call a clinic to schedule a consultation with a dedicated chiropractor. 

Back Pain Following Some Kind of Trauma

If you suddenly have back pain after you have had some kind of trauma, such as a car accident or fall, you should contact a chiropractor right away. Even if you are not having serious pain, you should still make an appointment. Any kind of trauma, especially hard trauma, can cause injury to ligaments, nerves, and the spine. It is not uncommon for the symptoms of these injuries to not fully appear for days or weeks after the trauma. The pain may start out mild, but within a week or so, can be debilitating. This is why you should see a chiropractor as soon as possible after the trauma before the injury and pain becomes worse.

Numbness Following a Back Injury

Even if you have no pain, any numbness or tingling after a back injury is a sign that can be something seriously wrong. Typically, these symptoms indicate nerve irritation or damage. One of the more common causes of numbness or tingling are herniated discs. This is when there is tearing or rupture in the padded discs that are between the vertebrae and act as cushions.

Chronic Back Pain

Most back pain will improve within six weeks following an injury. If the person is still having issues, a chiropractor can help determine what the cause of the pain is. When they diagnose where the pain is emanating from, a treatment plan can be developed to help alleviate that pain.

Back Pain from Age

Back pain is a common issue for the elderly, especially those over the age of 70 who are more at risk for infections and painful conditions. The elderly often suffer more intense symptoms and must endure longer recovery times than people who are younger. Many elderly patients suffer from arthritis or degenerative bone disease. Chiropractors offer noninvasive treatments that can help.