Shoulder Pain and Headaches due to Colds and Sinusitis Respond Well to Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment for cold symptoms and sinusitis varies depending on patient presentation but can be very effective at treating these challenging conditions. Many people who have cold symptoms and sinus congestion also experience shoulder and neck pain because of the stress and posture the state imposes. Chinese medical evaluation and therapy for this symptom array can help alleviate not only the pain but also the cause of the condition. Using a combination of acupuncture and massage with nutrition and exercise prescription, Chinese Medicine acupuncture is an excellent treatment option for anyone suffering from shoulder and neck or colds and sinusitis. Acupuncture methods can help improve the healing response to shorten the duration of colds, as well. 

When a person has a cold, they feel cold and are more susceptible to cold air.    If a person has been sweating and their pores are open, they will be increasingly subject to the effects of chilly air. The skin, which is responsible for sweating and detoxification through the skin, affects the lung organ in Chinese Medicine, which connects with the nose and respiratory system. Tendinomuscular pathways of the lung channel go from the nose to the shoulders to the arms and hands. Similarly, on the back, the lung channel associates with the region between the shoulder blades.  Not surprisingly, therefore, cold and flu symptoms frequently migrate to these body parts, and we see nasal sinusitis, shoulder and arm aches, and pain between the shoulder blades. When we reduce congestion in these body parts, cold and sinusitis symptoms diminish.  

Holistic medicine can help to reduce shoulder and neck pain with colds and sinusitis.  

Acupuncture point stimulation of the metal channel supports these areas to bring relief. For instance, ‘hegu’ is the fourth point on the metal yang meridian. We find it between the thumb and forefinger and acupuncture used here improves energy circulation everywhere in the body.  Warming massage with cupping along the back and shoulders can help invigorate these areas and reduce energy stagnation, as well. A point water yang 43 between the shoulder blades connects with the metal meridian and massage at this tight knotty point is crucial. If available, chiropractic spinal adjustment to the neck and thoracic region will mobilize lung energy and rib mobility to expedite healing, as well.  The spine connects with nerves going to the lungs and everywhere. Chiropractic adjustment to the midthoracic region benefits breathing and lung expansion.

Acupuncture and other alternative medicine methods can effectively treat the neck and shoulder pain one often experiences with colds and sinusitis.  These supportive therapies can also help to reduce the duration of colds and sinusitis. Call today for more information. Acupuncture in Chapel Hill, NC and chiropractic can help you reduce the pain and other symptoms of colds and sinusitis.

Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center and Acupuncture for their insight into acupuncture and colds and sinusitis.