Three Ways to Protect Your Children’s Teeth When They Play Sports

Kids love trying new things and being involved in a variety of activities. With all the running around you do and the worrying about injuries, you may not have thought about your children’s teeth. With the right gear and the right precautions, you can avoid dental injuries and protect your children’s teeth when they play sports. The following are three ways to do this.

1. Get That Helmet On

If a particular sport requires a helmet, such as football, make sure your child understands he or she should wear it at all times. If it’s just a quick practice or scrimmage, the helmet should still be worn. Helmets with face guards are particularly protective. It’s also important that your child has the right helmet for the sport. If he or she wears a football helmet during a hockey game, the proper protection will not be given. Sports such as cycling and skiing should also be played with a helmet on.

2. Invest In a Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is just a fraction of the cost of replacing or repairing a damaged tooth. Any contact sports should require the use of a mouth guard. Baseball bats, hockey sticks, footballs, and even elbows and fists often come in contact with the face during aggressive sporting events. With a mouth guard in place, your child might get a good bruise, but can avoid more serious damage to the teeth.

There are different types of mouthguards, with some being more effective than others. You can purchase a boil-and-bite guard and try to form it to your child’s teeth on your own, or you can contact a pediatric dentist and have a custom mouth guard made. It might cost more, but the fit and protection will typically also be better.

3. Speak With Your Child’s Dentist

There are some solo sports that present a risk as well, such as running and skating. Speak with your dentist about ways you can protect your child’s teeth during these types of sporting events as well. You can also speak with the dentist about an enamel-strengthening toothpaste to combat “swimmers’ calculus” for the little swimmers in your life.

Getting In Touch Today

To learn more about ways to protect your children’s teeth when they play sports, contact a pediatric dentist. Your dentist can help you decide what to do in order to keep your child’s oral health in check at all times. Call a dentist, like a Family Dentist Apex NC, for answers to any questions or to schedule an appointment today.

Thank you to the experts at Alliance Dentistry for their input into pediatric and family dentists.