Tips for Preparing a Senior’s Home for Heat Waves

As more seniors are sheltering in place, we all want to make sure their home is as comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to ensure that your loved one has a successful shelter in place is to prepare their homes for the heat of the summer. The following are a few tips and tricks for making sure your aging loved one’s home is prepped and ready for the summer!

Assess the Cooling System in Your Loved One’s Home

Before the seasonal heat covers your loved one’s home, you should do an assessment of their cooling systems. To maintain social distance, you can schedule this assessment when they are away, or enlist the help of their home health aide.

When doing the assessment, ask yourself the following questions. Does the home have air conditioning? Is it in good working order? Is there excessive debris in the conditioner that will need clearing out?

These questions can reveal any potential problem areas that need fixing before they manifest!

Keep Blinds Closed During the Days

A great way to heat proof a home is to make sure that blinds are closed during the summer heat. In fact, up to 30% of the heat that enters the home is due to heat getting trapped indoors through the greenhouse effect.

Thus, to stop this heat from entering in the first place, leave windows covered during the day with blinds or heat reflecting covers.

Add Shade

Another great way to ensure that homes stay cool during the summer is to strategically place shades outside the windows. These can be shutters or awnings over all entrances and windows.

Although shuttering windows may seem costly, they tend to pay for themselves in the long run. These shades can reduce solar heat gain by 65%. The cumulative heat reduction can help your loved one save big on air conditioning bills during peak summer hours!

Research any Senior Stipends

A great way to create a heat-safe environment for your loved one is to research any electric stipends that they qualify for. Although your loved one might have an AC, there’s a possibility that they won’t want to use it, due to the high costs of running it.

To ensure your loved one feels comfortable using their cooling system, do the research on their area’s senior discounts. Make calls to your county and the local electric company. There’s a high likelihood that they can offer a senior discount for your loved one!

If you need advice about caring for a senior contact a in-Home Health care Services.