Back Problems: Adjustment or Exercise?

If you’re having back problems, you might wonder whether you should start a new workout routine or go see the chiropractor. Is a chiropractic adjustment the same as getting in a good workout? Your joints sometimes pop during a good workout session, so could that fix your back problem? The following are some times you should choose either an adjustment or an exercise program.

To Correct a Specific Problem

It’s possible you are weak from simply not working out before. If that is the case, a good workout could do the trick to getting your back strong again. If there’s another issue at hand, a good workout probably won’t make you feel any better. It could possibly exacerbate the problem.

Chiropractors listen to you explain what you’re feeling. They then do an examination that considers all 24 vertebrae in your spine. After this type of examination, a chiropractor can pinpoint the issue and suggest treatment. Because one vertebra can move 16 different directions, it’s important the movement is correct and precise. When you exercise, there’s no way you can pinpoint the right position in the right vertebra, but a chiropractor can do that with a proper adjustment.

To Energize Yourself

Exercise is a great way to find that energy you lack. Paired with a good night’s sleep and a balanced diet, regular exercise can truly energize your body. Chiropractic treatment can as well. When you have a problem with your back, you often don’t have the range of motion you could otherwise. Because of this, you may choose to do more sedentary activities. This can drain you of your energy.

After a chiropractic adjustment, you will slowly begin to gain that range of motion, which will allow you to get back to those energizing activities again. Following chiropractic treatment is often the perfect time to get started with a new exercise routine.

Both Working Together

Exercise and adjustments are not the same thing, but they do work well together. If you’ve been doing one for a long time and want to try the other, you may realize you get that same good sore feeling after you’re done, and that’s a good thing! It means you’re allowing your body to try something new on the path to better health and recovery. When you implement chiropractic with your exercise routine, you may notice more flexibility, greater endurance and a host of other positive changes within your body.

Contacting a Chiropractor Near You

You deserve to feel good, no matter what is making your back ache. To learn more about chiropractic adjustments and exercise, contact a back pain doctor, today.