Can I recycle the materials after a demolition?

Among demolition services is removal of debris, and delivering recyclable items to facilities that will accept them. Some customers prefer to keep some or all of the recyclable materials on site, and we can accommodate that as well. They may choose to reuse those materials in subsequent projects, or sell them to recoup some of their costs for demolition services, like demolition services in Malibu, CA. Recovering demolition materials is not only good for reducing one’s costs, it’s also good for the environment. When our demolition services arrives on site to provide you with a free estimate, they can indicate what materials you wish to remove that may be recyclable.

What types of demolition services are available?

Due to the wide range of demolition services needed by homeowners, rental property owners, and businesses, there are many options depending on your circumstances. 

General demolition services. Once a structure has been emptied of easily removable items, heavy equipment moves in. For instance, when appropriate a bulldozer may be used to level a building into piles of rubble. Recyclable materials can then be separated from the rubble piles and put aside.

Deconstruction. This type of demolition services focuses on recovering recyclable materials while dismantling sections of the structure before they are bulldozed. In this way, a potentially substantial amount of material can be reused as well as recycled. For instance, woodwork, wood or metal studs, windows, doors, etc. If you do not wish to use the materials for future projects, you can put them on the used market to sell them. Certain recyclable items may be easier to recover in a deconstruction action prior to demolition.

Renovation. This is the partial deconstruction of the exterior and/or interior. The materials that are recovered from that section can be reused or recycled.

New construction. After the construction of a new or expanded structure is completed, there is likely to be construction “debris” that may include unused items in like-new condition. They can be used in future projects or sold. Other items may be best used by recycling them.

Materials That May Be Recoverable After Demolition Services Are Completed

The materials that may be recoverable will depend in part on their condition. In addition, materials that are not suitable for reuse may be perfectly suitable for recycling. Here are many of the most common materials that can be recovered through reuse or recycling:

  • ·         Wood
  • ·         Trees, dirt, and rocks from a land clearing action
  • ·         Asphalt
  • ·         Concrete
  • ·         Brick
  • ·         Gypsum or drywall wallboard
  • ·         Non-asphalt roof shingles
  • ·         Asphalt roof shingles
  • ·         Metals, especially steel which can be recycled into new steel

Thanks to Nielsen Environmental for their insight into demolition services.