Chiropractic Care for Pain

Chiropractic healthcare is beneficial for many types of pain. A large number of patients seek chiropractic care for different kinds of pain because they know that this form of alternative medicine works. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities reduce pain while helping the body in other ways as well. Spinal mobilization supports posture and nervous system function, balance, and muscle function. When you get an adjustment, you heal on many levels. For these reasons people choose chiropractic care every day for pain control.

The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Chiropractic care is a form of alternative medicine because this type of healthcare provides an alternative to medical care, drugs, and surgery. People who are in pain and do not want to use drugs or get surgery have other healthcare options, and chiropractic care has a proven track record for helping patients feel better naturally. Chiropractic care is a very safe method of treatment and doesn’t have many negative side effects, unlike many medications and surgeries. Chiropractors use hands-on techniques including massage, spinal adjustments, and physical therapy techniques including heat and ice, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapy to help their patients get back to good health. Chiropractors, like a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, are trained in nutrition and exercise and will help patients learn new ways to eat and work out to be healthy and further reduce pain. Some chiropractors are also trained in acupuncture and can use this ancient healthcare technique to stimulate the body’s natural healing response.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic physicians use skillful palpation and other diagnostic skills to determine where nerve blockage and spine misalignment exist that can cause pain. Typically tender or painful to the touch, misaligned or subluxated spinal segments affect many areas of health because of the vertebral column’s intimate connection with both posture and the spinal cord. When a chiropractor adjusts an injured region, he or she helps to restore nerve flow to nerves passing through the region, which has far-reaching implications. 

Nerves coming out from the neck or cervical region travel to the shoulders and hands. Problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or frozen shoulder frequently stem from spine. Problems in the feet and legs — such as plantar fasciitis or knee pain — connect with the lumbar lower spine areas because lumbar nerves travel to these regions. Chiropractic palpation can help determine if your spinal health contributes to pain in certain areas and can often help you get to the root of the problem without drugs or surgery.

Thanks to the Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into using chiropractic care to treat pain.