Dog Walking Improves Health

Pet ownership and care can have incredible physical and mental health benefits. Studies show that bonding with a pet improves fitness, lowers stress, and makes people feel happier. Dog ownership, primarily, supports health because people frequently walk dogs outside. Nonetheless, this and other physical aspects of pet care can deprive some people of owning a pet, especially if they find it hard to walk or bend. Chiropractic care can help relieve some of these pressures to make pet ownership a life-affirming possibility.

Some of the physical challenges to dog ownership include walking the dog, bending to lift it, twisting to clean up after the dog, and carrying bags of food into the house for the dog. For some people, these physical requirements are quite challenging, especially if they suffer from back, arm, hip, or leg pain. Any condition that causes dizziness or weakness will be problematic, as well. Before getting a dog, be sure to get a chiropractic healthcare check-up to see where you can potentially improve any of these areas in preparation for pet ownership. 

 Using the chiropractic adjustment, your doctor can help realign spinal segments that have contributed to posture imbalance, poor nerve flow, and muscle tension. These Chiropractors also use physical therapy methods such as massage, TENS unit application, and exercise therapy to soothe ligamentous distress. Well trained in all aspects of disease and health distress, these complimentary providers can help you understand how to work with chronic healthcare conditions that contribute to troubling dizziness or weakness, as well. 

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals specially trained in maintenance and care of the body’s frame and muscles to support nervous system functioning and posture. After undergraduate pre-med studies, Chiropractic Physicians pursue 4+ years post-graduate education learning anatomy and physiology, physical examination and diagnosis, clinical management, and rehabilitation emphasizing non-drug, non-surgical treatments of pain and disease. Additionally, they receive training in nutrition and mental healthcare and recognize the impact proper nutrition and mood have on physical health. Training includes clinical residency and internship, and they have experience working with people of all ages and walks of life.  These allied healthcare providers understand how to improve posture and musculoskeletal function so that you can take care of your pet in a safe way. 

Schedule a visit with a chiropractor today to reap the benefits of this hands-on treatment regimen that emphasizes good form and nervous system balance as a means to better health and function. Chiropractors want to help you improve every aspect of your life that further good health. They are good listeners and community participants and can help you improve your dog ownership experience. For more information as to how chiropractic care can help you be a safer, healthier dog owner, contact a clinic to speak to a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC today.

Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into chiropractic care and how dog walking can improve your health.