Stretch and Strengthen Your Back to Reduce Back Pain

Our posture says a lot about us and affects back pain and other health concerns. Some chiropractors, like a chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC, use spinal mobilization techniques combined with soft tissue massage to benefit spine integrity and posture enhancement. Your chiropractor may incorporate acupuncture and meridian balancing methods if needed to restore channel flow. Additionally, he or she will teach you easy exercises to do at home to enhance treatment benefit. These exercises will help you look better and feel more limber, as they help to improve musculoskeletal balance and reduce pain.

Yoga and Stretching
Our back consists of muscles which pull us upright into extension. Extensor muscles allow us to do a backward yoga posture as shown below, and also support many other movements and positions. 

The chiropractic adjustment corrects nerve dysfunction between vertebrae so that the nerves coming from the spinal cord deliver their life-affirming messages every place in the body, supporting muscle function everywhere. A chiropractor may provide soft tissue massage to help every muscle fiber move with fluidity as tension and muscle spasm releases. As the patient performs stretches and strengthening exercises provided, he or she benefits even more.   

Activities That Cause Pain
Back pain and weak back muscles may come from sitting too much, which puts the back muscles into a chronically tight and weak alignment, whereas the anterior flexor muscles are underused and weak. A chiropractor may help you understand how small changes in your daily activities can have a big effect on big problems, such as back pain.

To combat the problem of tight, weak back muscles and weak, flabby flexor muscles, stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back. Your chiropractor will show you how to stretch the back first to prepare the muscle fibers to function as intended. When our muscles are tight, the tiny fibers comprising the muscles are fully tightened.

A chiropractor will show you how to stretch your extensor shoulder muscles, your back and neck muscles, and leg extensor muscles. Follow his or her instructions and perform the stretches he or she gives you daily for best results. Next, he or she can provide extensor strengthening exercises to help you increase the function of important stabilizers. Practice these exercises with her in the office and be sure to perform them at home.

Increasing Muscle Mass
Over time, increased muscle mass and strength in the extensor muscles will have the effect of seamless posture improvement. Muscles that are tight and weak do not function well. Enhance extensor muscles as these will quickly support posture and appearance and to eliminate back and neck pain.

Thanks to Acupractic Natural Healing Center for their insight into how to stretch and strengthen your back to reduce pain.