Taking Care Of Your Oral Health

Taking Care Of Your Oral Health 

Taking care of your teeth is a crucial part of your overall health. Many people forget just how strongly linked oral health can be to the rest of our body. To keep teeth strong, shiny, and healthy, it is suggested that people visit their dental office for a cleaning and exam 1-2 times yearly. Here are the questions that people may have about visiting a dentist and their oral hygiene:

Do I really have to brush and floss twice daily?

It is recommended that people brush at least once daily, but twice is even better. Let’s say you brush only in the morning, that means all the food you’ve had that day is going to sit on your teeth overnight while you sleep. This gives your mouth plenty of time to begin building up plaque and tartar, so brushing before bed can help prevent cavities and other dental problems. Also, you must brush for at least two minutes, to ensure that you have covered all exposed areas of your teeth. 

Does drinking water help maintain good oral health?

Yes, water rinses out food particles after you eat, and encourages the production of saliva which is important for maintaining healthy teeth. Water is vastly more healthy compared to other drink options, such as sodas and sugary liquids. If you drink too many sugary filled drinks, it can add to plaque buildup. 

Are there any vitamins I can take to keep my teeth healthy?

Calcium is a great vitamin to take, as it helps keep teeth and bones strong. You can get your daily source of calcium through dairy products, nuts, or capsules. Keep in mind that your body requires vitamin D in order to absorb the calcium, so be sure to eat related foods or go outside to soak in some sunlight daily. 

How long can I use the toothbrush I have?

You should change your toothbrush every few months, as the bristles can be worn and dented. You may want to purchase a new toothbrush sooner than that if the bristles have lost their firmness, or you’ve recently recovered from being sick. Your dentist may suggest using an electronic toothbrush that has spinning bristles, so you don’t have to work as hard to get plaque off your teeth. The vibrating bristles can also get in those tricky spaces between teeth. 

Is it better to use a soft or firm bristled brush?

Your dentist is likely to recommend using a soft-bristled brush with gentle pressure. If you brush too hard you may slowly wear away your gum line. Brushes with hard bristles may seem better for cleaning, but they can actually cause gum damage, exposing the root surface and wear away at the protective tooth enamel. 

What are the signs that I should see a dentist?

You should see a dentist once or twice a year, even if you aren’t having any symptoms. Visiting your dentist for a cleaning and exam can help ward off cavities, gum disease, and other oral issues. If you have sore gums, bleeding gums, relentless bad breath, sores, or ulcers, then it’s time to visit your family dentist in Morrisville for a check-up. 

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