The 4 Signs That a Visit to Your Local Knee Doctor May Be Needed

Knee pain often stems from a sudden incorrect twist of movement, injury due to an activity, or from long-term overuse. Knee pain can be so intense that a person is unable to get around comfortably. A person’s life may be impacted by the knee pain to such a degree, that they miss out of the things that mean the most to them. For example, driving in a car for extended periods of time can be excruciating, and daily exercise routines may have to start being cut short. 

A knee doctor believes that a person should not have to sacrifice their life due to knee pain. We can examine your knee to find out the source of the problem, then create a treatment plan that works best for you. 

#1 When Pain Lasts For 48+ Hours

A person who has unrelenting pain for more than two days, is probably dealing with a knee joint problem, and not the muscle. It is common for minor muscle strains to subside much sooner, but a joint issue is unlikely to get better on its own. The main focus is determining where the source of pain is coming from. Pain within the joint must be checked if it exceeds past 48 hours. 

#2 Stiffness and Swelling

Those who have an acute knee injury, may notice an obvious swelling of the area. As a result of an injury, the soft tissue surrounding the knee joint may become inflamed. The swelling can cause pain, stiffness, loss of motion, and mobility limitations. Do keep in mind that sometimes swelling is not entirely apparent visually. It may be time to see a knee doctor if you have stiffness and clicking sounds when the knee is in motion. 

#3 The Knee “Gives Out”

The knees provide stability to the human body as we move about our day. A knee that was injured may suddenly “give out” or collapse when a person is standing or walking. It is recommended that anyone with loss of stability in their knee joint, seeks medical attention before the injury worsens. Repeated movement after a knee is already injured, can result in a complication of the issue. 

#4 Deformed Knee Area

A person who injured his or her knee may look down and sense that something just doesn’t look right. If both knees are compared and one looks out of place, it’s time to see a doctor immediately. A broken kneecap may appear deformed, and is often accompanied with swelling and pain. A knee doctor can perform an exam to decide where the damage is located, and the best course of action for treatment. 

Please do not sit idly by and wait for the injury to get better. Chances are, if the knee injury is severe enough that there is swelling, pain, stiffness, or deformities, a knee doctor, such may be needed to correct the issue. Call today so a knee pain doctor, such as from the Pain & Spine Specialist of Maryland, LLC, can get started working on how to heal your knee pain sooner, rather than later.