Some Questions and Answers to Help You Decide on Chiropractic Care

If you’re considering a visit to the chiropractor, it’s possible you’ve got some questions. Your chiropractor will be best equipped to answer those questions, but the following are a few things you may want to know before scheduling an appointment.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

More and more, insurance companies are recognizing chiropractic care and offering coverage. Depending on your coverage and the company you have insurance through, you could have limited coverage, or it could be full. Some plans allow a certain amount of appointments per year, while others don’t place a limit on care. Speak with your provider to understand the benefits you have.

Do You Need a Referral?

In most cases, you won’t need a referral from your physician to see a chiropractor. That doesn’t always mean you can see any chiropractor you want. Many insurance companies have a provider list from which you are required to choose a professional. If you choose someone who’s not on the list, you may not have complete coverage, and possibly no coverage at all. If you are insured through your employer, you can speak with the human resources representative to learn which chiropractors you are able to see.

Who Can See a Chiropractor?

Almost anyone is eligible to get adjusted by a chiropractor. Infants, young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly all have unique needs that could be relieved through an adjustment. If your infant is dealing with colic, an adjustment could help. If your teen has gotten one too many sports injuries, regular chiropractic care could assist with preventive care. If your elderly parent is dealing with chronic pain, chiropractic could be the answer. Certain rare conditions should make you avoid chiropractic care, but you can discuss those specifics with your chiropractor before adjustments.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Yes, chiropractic is safe. There are no addictive drugs involved. There are no surgeries required. The adjustments are non-invasive and often leave the patient with immediate relief. If something ever doesn’t feel right, or you are ever in pain following an adjustment, simply communicate that to the chiropractor and it’ll be taken care of.

How Do You Schedule an Appointment?

If you’re ready to see a chiropractor, it’s easy to get started. Check into a chiropractor, like from AmeriWell Clinics, to see if they are taking new patients, check out whether those particular offices are covered by your insurance and give them a call to get your appointment scheduled.